Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Crossing things off the Alaskan Bucket List

 Alainna, a college friend of Arielle's,  is visiting this week. They came over to visit today and made it to our house before the girls and I did....we mentioned a moose up the road. It turns out Lainna didn't see a moose on her previous visit. Seeing a moose is on her Alaska bucket list. I offered to drive her up the road to find a moose.  We set off....

We found one. It wasn't in a great location, but it counted to cross seeing moose off the bucket list. 

Arielle called as we drove around on a search for  bigger and more photogenic moose. "There are three moose in the yard." ::snort:: 

We headed home to find the three moose in our yard. Such pretty posers they were. Lainna grabbed some great shots...I snapped a couple. 

It makes us happy when Alainna visits CoRielle. Her visit sure does help with the cabin fever starting to set in about now. 

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