Friday, February 19, 2021

Alaskan Winter Magic

 We watch the forecast for the Northern Lights in our home like some watch the snow or rain forecast. Nights when the Northern Lights are dancing ARE truly magical.....we can usually snap a few shots from our yard....but sometimes they are active enough to warrant a mid-night drive up the mountain for  a few good shots. 

I began getting text messages from Josiah....and then Arielle....they were seeing lights. We weren't seeing them from here....but shortly began to see faint lights...Michael and the girls headed to the top of the mountain. I was  the logical choice to stay home with GG (who was asleep or we would have taken him). 

Photo by Michael 

Photo by Stacia

Watching the Northern Lights dance and leap across a star lit sky makes Alaskan winters totally worth it. LOL  And, yes, it is pure Alaskan Winter Magic. 

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