Saturday, February 20, 2021

Jamin Turns 30! February Birthday Celebration!

 Tonight was our February Birthday Celebration - it fell on JAMIN'S 30TH BIRTHDAY! I can barely believe our children are these ages! LOL 

Jamin is making a name for himself in  Real Estate circles in Alaska. We are proud of what he has accomplished in such short order. He also volunteers at his church, makes the most of Alaska's recreational opportunities and continues to participate in various civic groups. If you want great shots of Alaska - check out his Alaska Realtor youtube channel. 

Josiah, Jamin and Michael

We checked the list numerous times and we had 21 people coming to dinner. We moved GG's chair to his room, the coffee table and rocking chair to our room....and set up extra tables. 

Benny is always happy to help the guys! 

We received sad news a couple of hours before dinner. BreZaak were not able to make it. They've been locked down for so long, and Izaak was days away from the "safe zone." He's been exposed at work and so it looks like he will need to quarantine. We have GG here, Josiah and Jamin are planning to fly to Hawaii this week and Jared is flying in was best to play it safe. While we ALL understand - we were also all disappointed...Michael removed a table. LOL

Table One 

Livie, Ellie, Stacia, Allie, Nolan, Krista, Luke

Table Two 

Arielle, Danny, Cory, Benny, GG, Carrie, Josiah - Jamin
Michael and I out of the picture. LOL 

At dessert time Benny moved down the table snitching ice cream cake. Arielle proved too quick for him. 

Baachan and Danny are looking a little rough! LOL 

We had mint ice cream cake, cookies and cream ice cream cake, chocolate mint cheesecake and a sugar free chocolate mint cheese cake. That's a whole lot of dessert - but we had six birthdays to celebrate. 

Birthday Gang - plus Benny! 
Jamin, Nolan, Alex, Ellie, Livie, Josiah 

I had been waiting to give Carrie her card as it had confetti and I wasn't sure if it would make a big mess at her house. She opened it. Benny then gathered all the confetti, refilled the card, and set it off again.  They did this 2 or 3 times. LOL

The Eagle River/Anchorage crowd left....Before CoRielle left Cory and Benny helped Michael with a splinter. They left. Krista's car was at Luke's so they left. Everyone headed for bed. Michael put chickens to bed and fought off our demon rooster. I got ready for tomorrow's adventures....

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