Saturday, February 27, 2021

Blazing a Trail

You know it's springtime* in Alaska when it warms up enough to get outside and play in the snow. ::snort:: Seriously, it's NOT break up yet, we're a good month away from seeing many buds...but the days are getting brighter, some of the birds are back and singing loudly in the morning, the sun is back, and the temps are up in the high 20's even low 30's. 

I kept hearing talk of cross country skiing. I was feeling sick. I think it's because of the massive dose of anti-inflammatory I've been on for 5 days. I'm cutting it out.  The dog began to go BEZERK! Investigation showed the crew had not LEFT the property and Millie knew she was missing the fun. 

These three blazed a trail in our yard for cross country skiing.  We've talked about it. I'm excited to see it come to fruition....Stacia and Allie are newbies at the whole thing and seemed to enjoy it.  They are working up to a ski-in-forest-cabin camping trip in  mid-March. 

I am SO excited to have an outdoor work out in the yard....I plan to locate a pair of boots and get out there myself as soon as my foot is "workable" again.  The trail goes into the woods, out of the woods, across the side yard and ends in the driveway. 

No moose were disturbed for this activity. 

*I really am not sure it IS spring time yet - but it is the last day of February. One can hope. 

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