Thursday, February 25, 2021

Mental Noise

 Dad had a dental appointment today.  There are so MANY aspects to consider with his care. It's mind boggling. I think we've come up with a plan which  takes all factors into account. He needs a lot of dental work. He's put it off for years. He's at a place now where the oral surgeon doesn't want to remove teeth for dentures... We had to fight to have 4 abscessing teeth removed. Ideally I'd spread the work he needs over 3 years to minimize the amount he'd have to pay out of pocket....but since he has put this work off for at least 6 years...we are most likely going to have to do it all in the upcoming months...meaning he will have a lot of out of pocket expenses. 

Safety protocols continue to be a challenge. We understand why we are told to provide 24/7 supervision. We understand why the risks of walking unaided outweigh the benefits. We understand sun downing and the need for precautions. Dad, however, is not happy with these protocols...and sometimes I wonder if the struggle....well...we've been told by doctors and home health care he is in the best situation for him....and so we are working hard to keep him in this situation... Finding respite care continues to be a priority. We're making a bit of progress, at least defining what may be helpful....all this is noise in my head....

Dad crammed a pen into his hearing aide. I don't know why...but I am going to have to take the hearing aid in again. Hearing Aides just may not work out. He is MUCH more alert and engaged when he wears them but he doesn't like to wear them. 

Michael has a unique way of relaxing these days...evidently this is mandated by the chiropractor. 

The day was not all about dental appointments and noisy thoughts. We also had some good conversations, played Farkle after dinner, and enjoyed our warming temps...high 20's. 


Laura said...

Just sending my love to a caregiver. And hugs.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Ah, thanks. I don't know how I missed all your comments. I'm having fun this a.m.