Friday, February 12, 2021

Friday is made for Fun and Fellowship

I begin my Fridays with a zoom focused on my wellness journey. This month we are discussing character traits needed to follow through on goals and commitments. Today we discussed resilience. I plan to come back to the notes and do some more research on the topic. 

Stacia has a cold. We decided it best to grab breakfast at a drive through and find a pretty place to park for our Bible study.  We hit the sunrise as we drove out of our area....we'll try about 30 minutes earlier next week and see if we can get more spectacular sunrise photos.  A word about the sunrise - for much of the year it happens "in the middle of the night" or very late in the day when one is busy with "life." This seems to be the perfect time of the year to catch sunrise and sunset photos.....

On our way to town we were stopped for moose crossing the "highway." It cracked us up to find two moose at the head of our driveway when we got home. 

We got home just as GG was getting up - so I took over the morning routine before I ran out to grab a blessed 90 minutes with a friend for tea at her house. This time with Brenda was an oasis in the middle of  "rush and responsibility."

Michael and Alex were waiting to go out for their lunch study when I arrived home again. 

Michael spent some time here's nice to have the garage cleared out enough to get a truck into it for maintenance work. 

Stacia baked and froze cakes earlier in the week. She began frosted and decorated them today.

These roses are amazing...and the cake tastes good too. 

Michael and I met up with dear ones for a couple of hours in the afternoon and then we were home to end the week with WandaVision.....

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