Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Canning and Cakes etc.

 Meet my new All American canner. We wanted to buy a second canner last year, but Prestos (the brand I had) were sold out. We waited all spring, summer and fall. Somewhere in the mix we put our name on a waiting list for an All American. We continued to check local stores, Amazon and Presto's website. Nothing. I got a call - the All Americans were in and I could pick up this beaut....I wasn't convinced, but Michael was....and it is AMAZING.  I could tell right away it was MUCH heavier....and it will do 14 quarts at a time....this means I can now do 21 quarts and 32 - 36 pints at a time if I have both going. That will be nice during salmon and harvest seasons. 

I filled this up and left Michael watching the regulator.....GG and I were off  to a dental appointment. He had 3 teeth filled.  His joke and mine, is he complained more about the dentist than he did about open heart surgery.  I enjoyed the time to relax in a chair...knowing for that 1 1/2 hours Dad wasn't going to get up and "practice walking."  I took him through the Dairy Queen drive through when he was finished. 

I read while Dad was occupied with the dentist. I'm enjoying this series - which I've put off reading as civilians usually don't understand the military lifestyle they try to write about. This book centers on a Navy fighter pilot and an Air Force Para rescue jumper.... I think these words summarize my Air Force experience well. 

Not taking relationships for granted is part of what life teaches everyone. When you're in the military, you just learn that lesson sooner...only when you're gone for months at a time do you learn how strong the relationships you have really are...The military teaches you not to get attached to the place or the thing BUT THE PEOPLE.

 We have March Birthday Celebration coming up Saturday night. Stacia began making cakes.  Cory requested an Oreo Ice Cream cake so I put that together and got it in the freezer. 

Somewhere in here Krista and Nolan looked at a house they were considering renting. Shortly after looking (and they were unimpressed) Krista received word she needs to live within a 30 minute response time of the base.  Yes, I KNOW many military live in the valley. Chaplains are first responders and she will be serving as duty chaplain - I suppose she COULD live out here and stay in a hotel during duty time...but it wouldn't be considered "professional."  This shifted her plans. 

All the Turkey Broth got processed....40+ pints and a few quarts. 

The girls finished the night with dinner and a movie for the Youth Spring Break extravaganza. I went to Bible study.  I have no clue what the men at home did. The boys and GG were in bed when I got home. 

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