Monday, March 08, 2021

Spring Break Alaska Style

 Spring Break - when it warms up enough to enjoy the snow! ::snort:: 

This is Spring Break. Our youth group is opting for daily activities again this year...and I love all the fun they have together.  We decided to cancel school all could enjoy the week without the added stress of "being behind." 

Allie and Stacia

The week began with a trip to Hatcher's Pass for sledding. None of the youth team could join Stacia so Grandpa and I joined the kids to be 2nd and 3rd needed adult. It was the perfect day for sledding - and there weren't too many folks up there. It was bright, sunny and in the 30's. 

Grandpa and Krista - youth pastor

This was our first stop. The kids were able to work out the kinks on a "small hill" - MERCY. It had the added bonus of an outhouse. Dad and I stayed in the car and watched, read, snacked.  Here are some shots of them at Gold Mint Trail. 

The girls on the trip 


Josiah, Evan, Jessie, Krista, Allie, Stacia 

I love this shot of Jessie

They called it quits at Gold Mint and asked me to drive them further up the pass. There are several trails  people sled and snow board down in the winter. I can't even imagine......MERCY.  They were all excited to give it a shot.  Krista took some pics of the group along the way. 

📷 Krista 

📷 Krista 

📷 Krista 

 Grandpa and I drove to the bottom to wait for them to appear. Evan was first on his snowboard, followed by Jessie on his...and then others came sliding in.  This is the spot we waited. I believe they did Paradise Trail and not 16 Mile. 



Allie and Stacia





A sweet family came by....this is a great cross country skiing essential with kids. 

Tuesday their activity was rather tame. They met at the Annex for dinner and a movie. 

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