Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Michael's Excitement

What can this mean? Well...someone is eating meals alone. 

Our eldest son caught Covid. His brother moved out to avoid catching covid. He seemed to have a light case, until it was no longer a light case. He was in such a condition it really wasn't safe for him to be alone. Someone needed to be with him if it became necessary to take him in.  While we UNDERSTAND there are no guarantees, our health care professionals feel pretty confident we still have immunity from our personal run with Covid.  We decided Michael would go to Eagle River and stay with Josiah.  I would remain un-exposed so that I could take care of Grandpa with little risk to him. We knew this meant he would need to quarantine when he came back home, and he and I would stay separate for the 10 days. Again, the common thought is the family is not at risk, but since 80 yo grandpa lives with us, we all agreed to quarantine Michael. He has at no point been in the same room or closer than 10 feet from Grandpa. He eats meals, showers, etc separate from the family.  His quarantine began on the last day he was with Josiah - April 13th. 

Thus, the RV has become Covid island. Michael has spent his time this week working in the garage, taking care of spring jobs outside, resting....and has no symptoms at all of Covid (writing this on the 19th). 

We notified 3 employers in the valley. All said that WE have not had primary exposure and that they were fine with the kids working. Doctors offices do not care if we come in - as none of US have been exposed to anyone who is positive....and though we have been exposed to Michael WHO HASN'T TESTED POSITIVE  - we haven't been closer than 6 feet at any time since he came home. 

Out of an abundance of caution, and not wishing to infect anyone at risk, the decision was made we would all quarantine from church activities....and all of a sudden we have lots of margin in our schedule. 

Ah, the new tricks we've learned.


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