Friday, April 16, 2021

Summarizing Week of April 11th

This week began a bit "odd." Michael and I usually take 2 - 3 hours and go out alone, while Arielle and the boys hang out with Grandpa. Michael was in Eagle River taking care of Josiah and so I almost cancelled Arielle. In the end, I decided I could hang out in parking lots for a few hours.  I ran a couple of errands, then picked up Alex and brought him home from work. I spent the last hour of my time visiting with Arielle and the boys. 

Danny is now 5 months old. He really does think we should pay more attention to him. 

In baby news JoJo is also 5 months old...and looks at his new trick. He rolls.  He is also 5 months old!

The school year is nearing it's "end" and I have told the girls I need all their PE hours in and logged so I can turn in our work early. I am hoping for the first week of May but will settle for the 2nd week. 

I discovered this week, I can take Stacia to work at noon and then just SIT until 1 while I wait for Alex. I have been filling the time with errands, which I do need to do at least once a week....but I have gotten some reading, thinking, catching up on polos - just sitting and waiting. I know just where the best places are to park for the most refreshing views.  If my feet would heal, I would use that time to walk. 

This week we tried something new. Our driveway is still a mess, but most of the ice is gone. The temps have climbed. Dad used the outside walker to go down the ramp and up the block a ways. 

This first day he made it about halfway up the front of our property. He walked .18 of a mile and his pace was 78 minute mile. 

Michael is spending his quarantine time in our room (I am not in there), in the garage and outside working on projects. This day he was trying to break up the ice jam so things will flow down the hill as they melt. Break up is here....

The chickens love being outside more.  THIS is the egg we hatched last year. Sometime in the last month he fought and killed Phoenix. I'm not sure what I think of him. He's much bigger than any of our other roosters. We think he's a mix between our buff orpington and Phoenix. 

I am LOVING a bit of sun. I BADLY want to get back to walking 5 -7 miles a day outside. My feet aren't allowing that....and even if they would...the dynamic of needing someone to sit with dad so I can walk is just not happening every day. I would go early, but I can never tell when Dad is going to wake up. I try to get his breakfast and then go, but that doesn't work well this point I'm settling for the elliptical which doesn't hurt my feet, short walk with Dad, and still trying to figure out HOW I can get out to walking more. I miss it. I need it. 

Our second walk this week Dad walked .25 a pace of 117 mile.  He cracked me up. He said, "De'Etta if you walk with me it may help you get fit." Um....I told him I WAS doing 5 - 7 miles a day in the time we are taking......anyway....I'm not going to get back into shape this way...but we ARE enjoying the sun and DAD is improving. My goal is for him to be able to walk around lakes and boardwalks by the end of the summer. 

 How long HAVE I been walking? 

I didn't make him walk Saturday as he was complaining his legs hurt from the past two days. The girls got a bit sun crazy me thinks. They ran OUT into the Millie thought it was a great game. This was their, "Thank God the school week is over!," celebration. 

The chickens are happy to be outside again. They really have NOT laid the eggs that our Norpros did. We get 2 eggs one day and 6 eggs the next day. We were getting 1 - 2 dozen a DAY with the other gals. We may try to add some of them to the mix this year. They were the aggressive ones before...but they would be the babies this time. I'd like to get some blues and Easter Eggers too....but we have a problem with the chickens. The rooster terrifies me....

Check out the three moose which greeted us early Friday a.m. 

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