Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Taking Dad to Reflection Lake

Reflection Lake is one of my happy places. We discovered this jewel shortly after moving to the Valley. It's serene, beautiful, and has a nice walking path that wanders around the lake for a mile. It has some ups and downs and I knew it would be challenging for Dad. I've wanted to share this spot with him since he moved, but he's not been interested before. We always knew he wouldn't be able to walk around it. Ironically, now that he WILL use a walker, it may be possible. 

Yes, I DID buy this hat on a cruise. Don't judge. 

I told Dad earlier in the week my goal was for him to get strong enough I could take him to the lake and he could walk around it with me.  He thought that was "ok."  Today, the girls were done with all of school except for cardio. I suggested a walk around the lake. I would park as close as possible. I was sure Dad could walk out to the lake and we could simply enjoy the lake and visit while they did the loop if he didn't want to walk any further. 

It was .1 from our car to this table.  Our first day out last week Dad had walked .18 of a mile. We visited. The girls showed up about 15 minutes later.  I suggested they do a second mile. I then suggested Dad and I walk "just a bit" up the boardwalk, which wasn't muddy or slushy. I assured Dad we would sit whenever he needed too and we'd come back if he was tired.  He was interested. This walker with the seat is a God-send. Thank you again, Lynette. 

It was a gorgeous day. The sun was shining brightly. There weren't many people and the ones we met were friendly and happy. 

One lady passed us and came back and asked if she could take a picture for us. I'm glad she did.  It's a day to remember. I finally got Dad to the lake. 

By the time we got back to the van, Dad had walked .41 of a mile, we had enjoyed an outing and he'll sleep well tonight. Alas, there are no pictures of the girls or Millie as they were zipping off down the trail before I whipped out my phone. LOL 

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