Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The First Fire of the Season

 We worked hard today and then tonight we relaxed together (minus Alex) around the fire ring! The first fire of the season... Whilst living in the RV we came to LOVE family nights around the fire. We determined to keep the habit when we moved into a home. There is something magical about gathering and remembering...The fire we sat around when we met Cory for the first time,  the fire in the OR campground where we laughed long and hard with Mom and Lorri, the fire in CA where friends drove up to see us and showed us how to make "pies" in the fire.... It is good for us to gather and remember and make new memories. We've laughed and cried around this fire ring. We've introduced new grandbabies to the magic and counseled young couples around this fire ring...

Nolan, Stacia, Allie, Millie, Grandpa, Michael 

and though we've had ice cream on Sunday AND Monday...the first fire of the season calls for S'mores and Patrick McManus...so we had both. 

My "nearly sugar free" s'more. I'd love a sugar free marshmallow

 As Michael read, "A Fine and Pleasant Misery" and about a dog named Strange, I let my mind wander. 

The temps were in the mid-50's, the sun shining bright, grass starting to show through the slush,  only one mosquito* out...yes, I'm content.  This season, when we expected to be entering "empty nesting" doesn't look anything like we expected...The house is as full as our hearts.  We're learning to dig deep for energy and to depend on each other (all members) to "make it all work."  I'm leaning into grace in new ways. Grace and perseverance - themes for this season. 

Tonight, we sat around the fire and enjoyed each other's presence....and it was sweet....in many ways. ::wink:: BTW, if  YOU know what to sub for marshmallows I really DO want a truly sugar free option. Today had been so busy I didn't eat anything but an apple until dinner - which was a salad and chicken breast I'd meant to have at lunch....and so I had plenty of calories left for my 203 calorie nearly sugar free s'more. 

The very first roasted marshmallow of 2021

....and then many marshmallows were roasted....
Stacia's so very patient....

Check out Allie's "blanket" - gift from Stacia

Ewww...there is one in EVERY crowd....flaming marshmallows

I could really covet that fuzzy blanket thing

It's only fair I show Nolan with tonight's most perfect roasted mallow....since his last one resembled a lump of coal. 

The moment I try to pass my s'more off as Nolan's because Michael grabbed the camera. 

The winter is over. The ice and snow are breaking up. We are truly blessed to live where we can enjoy s'mores for so many months of the year....and it turned out good that we can't go to church functions until Friday. LOL 

If you're local, we'd love to host you around the fire ring sometime before the snow flies again. If you're interested, let's set a date.  If you're NOT LOCAL - the door is always open, we'd love to host you. We do have an RV, a full hook up for your RV and a fire ring near the garden.  Whether you live in Alaska, or outside, can visit or can't...enjoy your summer...one s'more at a time. 

My s'more kit...it's great! An assortment of candies, crackers,
marshmallows and hand wipes. LOL 

*The mosquito magnet will start up tomorrow....there's a clear patch of grass and we saw one tonight. We will get ahead of them this year. 

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