Saturday, June 19, 2021

An Odd "Thing"

 A very odd thing happened in our home this drizzly Saturday.....

Millie came wandering into our room. Michael doesn't usually let the dogs in our room. He called out, "Millie!" 

And Millie came running....she jumped up on the bed and snuggled up with him. The odd thing? He let her stay. ::snort:: 

It's cute the way she is winning Michael over. She's come a long ways this week towards being a nice, well-behaved, socialized pup. What changed? 

Two weeks ago she got her "fresh start" trim. I seriously think getting all the hair out of her eyes helped her behavior. She wasn't startled as often. She also isn't as intimidating when she looks like a well trimmed poodle, vs a 60 lb hair ball. LOL We were amazed how much difference a hair cut made for her....

This week, the e-collar we'd ordered arrived. Stacia is the only one with the control.  She never needs more than a quick vibration if she doesn't obey to remind her to obey.  She's like a whole new dog....most of the time. 

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