Thursday, June 17, 2021

Doctors and Playdates

I took Dad to visit an orthopedic specialist today. He has been complaining, and then not complaining, about pain in his elbow. His primary doc has checked it twice, the ER doc took x-rays. He still has intermittent pain. We agreed it would be good to see a specialist. This doc took another x-ray and said when it hurts he needs to wear the sling the ER doc gave him. I am also ordering a heelbo. I have been trying to get him to wear the sling, he resists. Using a walker with the sling is a problem, as is eating. However, we now know this is the best medical option for his situation. It isn't  broken and he doesn't need meds etc. 

While we spent a fun afternoon at the docs, he was 70 min late for the appointment, the girls joined Arielle and the boys to "find an adventure." I LOVE hearing Benny talk about adventures. We moved OFTEN when the kids were young. I often got lost - I would tell the kids we were having an  "adventure." It was quite common to find us in a new location, not quite sure where we were going, but off to find an adventure. This is how the kids and I ended up spending a day on the subways in South Korea in search of the "Toilet Museum."  So fun to see that spirit in a new generation. 
via Arielle's πŸ“· 

They visited two parks and then went  home with Arielle. There was swinging, sliding, laughing, and picnicking. 
via Arielle's πŸ“· 

via Arielle's πŸ“· 

GG and I think they had the better afternoon. 🀣

Michael spent the day prepping  a sermon and working on his big project. 

I started feeling sick at the doc's and came home to sleep. Stacia and Allie made Chicken Divan while  I began my fight with "Allie's bug."πŸ˜‚

The wildflowers are out. I love this time of year in Alaska. 

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