Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Tuesday's Garden

 Tuesday.....the boys have work. The girls have school - their work. Michael worked on storage solutions in the garage. I puttered in the garden and took Dad to Physical Therapy. 

We have cherries. The Rainier are sweet. The Meteor are tart.  I  will pick them soon.  We don't even have any apple or plum blossoms and the peach trees died! 

For today's #everybitcountschallenge  I pulled Kale. 

I dried it all and ended up with 2 gallons of dried kale and 1/2 a gallon of dried kale chips. 

What am I going to do with dried kale? I'm not 100% sure but we weren't that thrilled with frozen kale. I rehydrated a piece and it tastes like kale. I can rehydrate and use it in breakfast scrambles. I can munch on it. I can crumble it like an herb which I can throw into EVERYTHING....the last couple of mornings I mixed a handful into Grandpa's avocado toast. LOL 

I put a brown layer on top of the green layer in the bed I'm building up. I've begun putting more green into it. Many of our kitchen scraps we would compost go to the animals. 

Yes, that really is IT for the day. LOL  School and projects have taken over. LOL 

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