Monday, November 15, 2021

Benny is Four!

 Benny's birthday is today!  

We had a little gift. The girls and I were going to run it over, but one thing led to another and it was late afternoon.  We will be celebrating all our November birthdays on Thanksgiving Day, but it seemed impossible not to make mention of the day to the I've been dropping by on their birthdays with a small gift. Michael and I decided to run out and deliver the gift when Benny and his Dad got home from their birthday drive. 

Benny excitedly let us know, "Holy Jolly! How joyous God is celebrating me."  - Snow. 

We arrived in time to share Benny's blue birthday with him. LOL Arielle was worried Stacia would feel they were traitors...but no, Stacia will have a suitable cake for Benny on Thanksgiving....praying that oven is fixed soon! 

Benny was excited to cut his cake with his knife...he cut very generous slices. 

He also licked his knife in between each cut. 

He invited Papa and I to sit and play the game we had given him. We didn't quite get the directions right - but it was fun. 

We love the young man Benny is growing into...four years seems he and Gideon were just babies!  I'm going to have to find photos of Gideon...I think we had some covid thing going on that disrupted those plans.....

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