Sunday, December 26, 2021

Relaxing Days of Christmas

December 26th was to be our annual Christmas Adam Tea.  This is a tradition Mom started in 2015.  Obviously, a Christmas Adam Tea SHOULD be on Dec 23rd. Both Carrie and Krista had to work and so we set the tea for late this afternoon....and then we got FREEZING RAIN today and the gals from Anchorage can't drive out to the valley anyway. 

All that to say the girls and I had made some pigs in a blanket for the tea. Yes, I said girls. Allie insisted she could roll some up and she really wanted to be part of the prep. While we were rolling, we heard our phones going crazy...and by the time we were done baking them the tea had been rescheduled for the 30th. We were supposed to go into town on the 23rd to hang out with Krista and maybe get some shopping done. Allie was sick and we opted to change the date to the 30th. I have been thinking a full day in Anchorage would be pushing Allie's switching the plan to a tea here at home where she has the ability to join in and sit down with ice when needed is a good plan.  We put scones, cookies and 2/3 of the pigs in a blanket into the freezer....  I got out a tray and filled it with goodies from a friend at church and some pigs in a blanket. I hoped the sausages would draw out the men folks.  Michael was game. Alex sat with us for a brief amount of time. Grandpa opted for a nap and Nolan was at work. Ah well - we had a mini-tea. It was good to quietly sit together. We're all still processing the past week. 

Pill cups and water are the newest rage in tea parties

We deliberately slow our pace for the "12 Days of Christmas," from Christmas to Epiphany (Jan 6th). We plan things to connect with each other. We don't do quite as much extra running or even entertaining. We take off, or lighten, school. We prep to finish the winter strong! This afternoon was very relaxing. Michael spent hours on a complicated puzzle. Grandpa napped and talked to Nate and Heather (my brother and his wife). The girls and I sat down to relax in the living room. We watched Beauty and the Beast (most recent version). 

I have found if I edit photos or blogs while I watch t.v. I can stay awake.  I'm usually up at least once a night with Dad. He actually slept last night, but I was up a couple of times with Allie...down from every three hours! She is feeling better. I've asked her to get up and do a lap or two around the kitchen every hour. 

Millie takes guarding GG very seriously. She hopes he will slip her some food - unfortunately, he does. 

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