Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Nolan is 23

 Nolan has turned 23 years old.  He will be working on Sunday and will miss the bigger birthday celebration, but we couldn't let the occasion pass without a bit of fun! 

Everyone took a break to play some mario kids. 
Alex, Corey, Danny, Arielle, Benny, Nolan, Stacia, Allie

Nolan requested enchiladas for dinner. We were happy to make this happen.  The girls and I pulled together dinner. CoRielle joined us for dinner and dessert as they knew Nolan wouldn't be able to join us on Sunday. 

Nolan opted for ice cream and toppings over any other dessert. Quick, easy and tasty. 

We are proud of Nolan. He has just finished his first year at Western Governor's. He earned 39 credits. WGU recommended he aim for 24 credits, the VA insisted on 36 to be considered full-time and get his full VA college benefit, and he earned 39. We all worried it would be too much, but he's knocking it out of the park. He's been working 40 - 60 hours a week all year, as well. 

I put a bit of ice cream on the top of Danny's sippy cup. He was skeptical. UNTIL, he tasted it and then he pushed his cup back at me as fast as he could. 

Another fun papa game...
📷via Arielle

📷via Arielle - fuzzy - but such great expressions!

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