Wednesday, March 02, 2022

A Milestone Reached


Allie's grades for the first half of the year are submitted  We're about to turn in the 3rd quarter work samples.  Her transcript is looking strong.  Her FAFSA application is complete. She has written, edited and submitted a college application essay.  And TODAY? 

TODAY she uploaded the essay, added references, checked over the application again....added my credit card info to pay the fees....

and JUST.LIKE.THAT. Allie has applied to her first college! We are so proud of her. There may have been a bit of cheering.  

We aren't sharing which University she has applied to until we hear back. She does not have the 4 math credits (higher than Alg 1) which they require.  She, Michael and I decided it was important to her for her transcript to accurately reflect what she has done. Therefore, we rejected the suggestions of how to kinda/sorta, get 3 more math credits crammed into one year.  She was honest, admitted the weakness in her transcript and pointed out the steps she has taken to rectify the issue...taken Pre-Alg and Alg 1 in 1 1/2 years.  She asked to be accepted and to take remedial math to catch up. 

We couldn't be prouder of God's work in this gal! 

Yes, we have a plan B. She has about 4 more colleges she is considering and if this continues to be an issue, she will enroll in math classes at the local college and apply next year to her first choice as a transfer student. There is CERTAINLY more than one way to skin this cat. 

I had found this program and shared it with Allie. Allie's ASL tutor/mentor shared a list of colleges with good BA in ASL and Interpreting programs. The top program recommended from the community of interpreters is the college Allie and I had been researching. We encouraged Allie to apply to her number one choice now and see what God may do. 

This was a goal Allie hesitantly mentioned in the first months she joined us. We committed to helping her reach her goal...and it brings us GREAT JOY to see her actually APPLYING TO COLLEGES!

God is faithful. God is faithful when he works as we expected. God is faithful when "life" throws us a curveball and he works in ways we certainly didn't expect. We can trust him with the hard good in our lives.

Join us in rejoicing with Allie over this milestone reached. And then there's toilet paper...

Ah, the prodigal TP has returned....

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