Thursday, March 03, 2022

This One Knows Her Japanese

This is a red-letter day for our girls! ANOTHER Mommy Story - you know those stories where I shamelessly brag on our kids? 

I've mentioned before Stacia now meets with her Japanese tutor twice a week. Our goal is for her to go as far as she possibly can before she graduates next May. Her heart is drawn to Japan. We have no idea how God may use this interest. It may be she lives in America and intercedes or supports the Japanese church. It may be she lives in America and is somehow involved in the expat Japanese community. It may be she will be a missionary to Japan and bake as a side hobby. It may be her idea of a Christian cafe will provide doors to relationships with citizens in Japan.  It may be she will own a Christian bakery and cafe in America and Japanese will be her hobby.  Only God knows which strands he will weave into the tapestry of her future; or how He could weave ALL of them into the tapestry. He knows. We are encouraging and equipping her to pursue her passions. Those seem to be business, Japan, baking and cooking. 

Today was Japanese class. She knew there would be a test on the material she has been studying. Kim surprised her by finding a COLLEGE test on the material. Stacia got 97 out of 99 questions correct!  She's about to have the distinction of having gone the furthest of all our kids in their Japanese language study. Though I hear Arielle has taken up her studies again. 

And still there are TP shenanigans. ::snort:: 

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