Monday, March 14, 2022

Glacier Date

 March 14th and the sun is shining. We still have lots of snow, but Michael and I decided to drive up the highway during respite care today. The drive was beautiful and provided uninterrupted time for talking. We once again found the house we'd looked at online...the one I fell in love Chickaloon...and realized it was quite a bit further than I thought from Anchorage. I'm glad we ended up where we did. 

Matsu Glacier

We arrived at the parking lot where we intended to tramp around a bit and view the glacier. It turns out the parking lot is closed in the winter - though this is spring. Next year we must remember to bring snowshoes or at least snow boots and poles. 

That is the glacier behind us

Though the parking lot was closed there was an open outhouse - score.  We laughed to see a favorite camping spot in the winter. 

This was fun for a spur of the moment outing. Next time...snow gear and a picnic lunch. LOL 

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