Saturday, March 12, 2022


 Around our home we celebrate big and small achievements. Many prefer the celebrations include ice-cream.  And so, tonight, we gathered in the kitchen with mugs of ice-cream and milk (AKA Gherkin shakes) to celebrate Allie and Stacia. 

They've been working hard to prep for the SAT.  This is Allie's Senior year. We tried to juggle letting her get as much prep done as possible before the last SAT of this school year with the need to have a practice run at the test. A practice run is always wise, for homeschoolers it is especially needful. This allows them to get used to the testing site, 25 other students, and the whole "thing."  Ideally, Allie would have taken a test last spring and again this spring. We had too much on our plate last spring to think about the SAT.  

I had the girls at the site at 0700.  I commented on how gracious God was to provide each girl with a friend with which to walk through the day. None of our others have had that advantage.  

GG and I went to pick them up...and we waited...and waited. A full  hour after they were to be done we began to see students leaving the building.  It turns out a proctor didn't show up for one group - so the test started late. 

AND there was a 5.1 earthquake in the middle of the test. Stacia still gets rattled with "big" quakes.  She knew just what to do...pulled her thoughts up short and addressed the shaking...."Not NOW - I'm taking the SAT." ::snort:: 

Both girls felt the math was tricky and that they did well in the reading and writing. This is what we'd expect. They also both felt the time they've spent in College Prep Genius was very beneficial. They plan to continue working through that material before taking it again in May. 

Neither a missing proctor, nor a 5.1 quake could deter the girls from their stated goal. They conquered the SAT. We met Alex and Nolan at McDonald's and celebrated with lunch.....and then Michael came home from Man Camp and we celebrated with ice-cream. 

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