Monday, April 04, 2022

A Great Spring Day

Michael and I went out for lunch and to run a few errands this morning. We needed some quiet time to be sure we are on the same page in a few areas - and we are. Arielle and the boys were coming over for our 3 hours of respite care. We left them eagerly playing games and came home to this. 

GG and Danny were both sound asleep. Benny was watching a movie and Arielle was studying Japanese. Soon Cory joined the rest of the family. Cory understands tree pruning. He came over to prune the trees in our little orchard. 

While they worked - I WORKED too. Benny told me he, "Really, really wanted to slide and swing." In a display of true Baachan love - I shoveled a walk from the deck to the play structure, and then shoveled around the play structure, and out to the hammocks. 

It was so worth it! 

Danny was not having it. This winter born Alaskan does NOT like the sun or the snow! Here he blows raspberries at the snow. 

Ah - spring! 

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