Thursday, May 12, 2022

Planting Things

I discovered this morning the monitor picks up out in the garden and greenhouse. THIS will open up more time when I can work outside. For now, it is fun to sit in the greenhouse with tea and Bible in the a.m.  As the sun rises earlier it warms up in here earlier. A win for all. 


I've been busy with seeds in various stages of growth.  Our last frost is slated to be May 30th - we'll be ready to go with lots of things to transplant. I hope. 
Brussel Sprouts

I am looking for time to start more seeds and to up - plant many of these seedlings into bigger pots. 

Unfortunately, the weeds are coming to life in the garden.....and we haven't made progress on repairing any of the other warm frames we used last year....and we need to get weed and feed down....I didn't get all the trees and bushes pruned....but's spring!  AND I have a greenhouse that isn't going to blow away. 

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