Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Spring = Bike Rides, Picnic, Chicken Coop and Seeds

 Shew! A  multi-post day! 

Back at home the girls asked if they could go for a bike ride. We agreed. They packed a picnic lunch while we got the bikes down from the garage ceiling. Michael also checked tires. This was the first ride of the season.  I'm proud of them for taking photos! Yes, of course, Allie has, and wears, a helmet. She must have whipped it off before the photo. 

Stacia and Allie📷by Stacia

The river is beautiful. I laughed when I saw where they'd ended up. Michael and I walked, sat and talked in the same spot during our respite hours yesterday. 

📷by Allie

📷by Allie

May I just say a ukulele on a picnic after a bike ride is brilliant! 
📷by Stacia

📷by Stacia

Grandpa has been sleeping a lot the past few days. We saw his doctor yesterday and they are checking his iron levels. They suspect we'll go in for iron infusions. Today he began complaining of nausea too and slept 90% of the day. 

While he slept, Michael worked in the chicken yard and coop. I love a clean coop.  The hens responded with five eggs. LOL 

I took advantage of the hours to plant seeds. This is an inside job  - so Michael could be outside. I planted 535 new seeds. I filled the grow cart and moved a couple of trays out to the greenhouse. I'm hoping they'll be warm enough to germinate. If not, I'll move them inside????

I covered them with plastic domes

The starts I'd moved to the greenhouse are thriving. It's time to up-plant quite a few of them. That will be the job for the next couple of days.  I mentioned while I drove the girls over to BreZaak's that I hate gardening. WHAT? 

Allie said she was sure I loved it. I told her I like a bit of food stability. I don't really like gardening.  I spent most of the afternoon and this evening (while planting  another 100 seeds) asking myself if I really dislike gardening? What DO I enjoy about gardening? I LOVE watching things grow. I love sitting in a garden with a drink. I love watching sprinklers water a garden. I love an excuse to be outside for long hours in the summer, rather than doing housework.  I do not like weeding, planting for hours at a time, weeding, hauling manure....but maybe I do love a lot of aspects of gardening. It sounds like I love to watch a garden more than I love all the hard work...but then the hard work is therapy. Many a prayer has been spoken in my garden. Many an idea has been wrestled through and situation surrendered in the garden. I think I may love gardening after all.  I'm still thinking. 
The melons are finally germinating. 

Kabocha squash

Beans are looking good

Delicata squash

I have not planted even one zucchini! Stacia informed me today she LIKES zucchini. Maybe I'll plant ONE...just one. I do not need to supply our church, the Russian church and the neighbors with zucchini. I do know it will grow well here and I'm not sure about the Delicata and Kabocha. 

Michael and I spent some time discussing the merits of leveling vs. terracing the wildly sloping garden spot. I think we're going with terracing as he told me we'd have to start all over to level the area...and it would result in bringing a bunch of hard packed dirt to the surface as well....

Maybe I like gardening because it is a never-ending source of conversation and it's always changing....always something new to discover. 

(Maybe this should have been two posts). 

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