Thursday, June 16, 2022

A Day Full of Family Connecting

I am amazed at how much thought has to go into simply getting out of the house these days. 😏  I knew Allie and I wanted to leave at 0900 for our breakfast study.  GG wakes up anywhere from 6 - 10 and when he wakes up it's a solid hour - 90 minutes to get "all the things" settled. I SHOULD be able to get up at 0800 and leave the house at reality I have to shower at 0500 to be sure I'm ready for the wake up call from GG. It wouldn't be a problem except Michael is a night owl and I am regularly staying up until after midnight.  Now that I'm acknowledging the facts, mornings are going much smoother. LOL 

Allie and I enjoyed the chance to connect this morning. The chances are precious with her out of the house working so much this summer. While we enjoyed breakfast Stacia had gone with Arielle and the boys to a park day organized by some mothers at Arielle's church.  Allie and I decided to drive over to Wasilla and join them, after a quick trip to buy more chicken feed.  Altogether this resulted in a total of an hour behind the wheel for Allie...another trip to Wasilla and lots of practice with "demon circles" - something we'd wanted to spend some concentrated time working on. I think she's feeling more comfortable with how they work after doing so many in one day. 

A fun part of being a grandma (Baachan) at the park is I can watch the drama and not feel compelled to get involved. This is the moment Danny realized the child next to us had brought Goldfish. Look at how nonchalantly he walks to the blanket and starts toddler chattering to the mom. πŸ˜‚

"Ma'am, someone appears to have left a cup of perfectly good goldfish crackers here. I can help you out with those." 

SCORE. The nice mama let him take them. 

Meanwhile, Benny asked Alli to play Frisby with him. Here Benny explains his unique take on playing Frisby. He would toss it as far as he could and then they'd both run and find it. πŸ˜‚

Of COURSE, Danny joined the fun! 

Benny walked his bike back to their van AND lifted it into the back. I was telling him how strong he was when he assumed this stance. Check out his muscles! 

I was excited to have Carrie and Liv stop by today. In general, it is harder to connect with the Gherkins in the summer....we're off hiking, fishing, camping, paddle boarding, ATVing...and there is simply less time when our schedules match up well.  They'd been missing us and we have certainly been missing them. We snatched a few hours when they could drive out and we would be at home.  Carrie and I talked while I got a casserole ready for the guys. 

I zipped Allie to work, and Stacia and I met Krista for her and I to get a pedi. I had given all the girls certificates for pedicures for mother's day....and this was our chance. We had planned to do it with Larissa, Carrie, Krista and I  today, but schedules...(Arielle, Bre and I did it in May). I'm glad Krista and I decided to go ahead...and glad Stacia joined us. 

Michael put in a lovely ceiling fan/light in our room! He also took Grandpa for his second infusion. The rest of the day is a blur. My love tank is full - it was a day of connecting with family in various ways. 

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