Friday, June 17, 2022

Fantastic Friday with some Grand Kids

 I was up at 0430 so I could attend an 0530 meeting AND be ready if GG woke up before I left the house at 0700 for breakfast/study with Stacia.  We beat the waitresses to the cafe today! ::snort:: 

We spent a few hours vibing. Soon Michael was leaving to meet Alex for a lunch/study, Nolan had the day off and came up to stay with GG, Stacia and I took Allie to work and then met up with Bre and the kids from the Friday Fling. 

Jojo (front), Annie, Bella, Gideon, Bre, Stacia

The honey booth was a big hit! I enjoyed asking a few questions. Michael would like to have a hive or two...I told him in TX I would buy a gallon of local honey for $30. HERE a pint is $20 and they don't sell it in the gallon. 

The wooden toy vendor, jewelry and freeze-dried candy vendors were also a hit.  We headed over to the town's museum and garden next. We also walked along the old, rusted farm machinery.  In the photo below I told the kids I was going to take a picture on 3....the girls have the model pose down. LOL 

Bre, not so much. LOL I'm actually not sure what she is doing - but it's the only photo of Jojo I have. 

As we walked down the street towards Bre's car I noted a decorated ROCK...Bella ran to get it for me and it's perfect with my rock cairn at home. 

A few feet further and Bella found her own rock. 

At the next property we found four more rocks. In the end each child took one rock and we hid the rest. 

Bre invited us to join her and the kids at Wendy's. I texted Michael to see what he thought about dinner. He said the men could fend for themselves and we should go out with Bre and kids...which we were happy to do. 

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