Sunday, July 24, 2022

Day 3 - Fish Camp 22

 Household Day's total - 22
Group Day's Total 90
Trip Total - 192
Household total - 83
Group Allowance - 315 (We will NOT catch this many!)

Day 3 of fish camp 22 - "more of the same." 

Process fish in the morning, kids' treasure from Bachan and Papa's treasure chest, catch fish in the afternoon, common meal, clean fish...

Josiah and Carrie had friends down today. It was a slower day. There were less people in our group AND less fish were was the best day for friends to have joined to learn. Less fish? Today's total is 90 fish, there WERE less nets in the water, the fishing fleet have been out all weekend, that is still a LOT of fish. LOL 

Luke, Krista and Maria left for Anchorage early in the morning. Carrie, Josiah and Liv, along with their friends and Carrie's parents left this evening. 

Tomorrow, CoRielle, Alex, Stacia and Michael will explore the local area and pack up camp. I am told there will be no more fishing.  Everyone has the fish the want for the year. 

I realize I am reporting from HERE and not THERE - but I believe the BEST part for me this year is being able to see relationships develop. I've known it was happening, but the photos illustrate it well. This is the 3rd year Luke, Carrie and Liv have gone dip-netting with us. Last year KrUke had just married and CyRi weren't married. This is the 2nd year Allie has been with us.  Watching the family grow and gel once again is a blessing.... watching the cousins grow from one 8-month-old baby to two boys and a sweet girl helping, working and playing together is a blessing.  All feeling comfortable enough to invite others - magic. I may have been too caught up in the movement, the fish slime, if I were there to have noticed the relationships. 

At the campsite

Michael on sealer duty...

Mike and Jerry (Carrie's Dad)

The freezer is slowly filling back up. 

The boys' surprises today are "puzzle balls." 

Livie got a bracelet...

No rain today, lots more sun. I hear sunburns happened - regardless of prep. 

One highlight I note from the photos is Danny got to join the fishermen today. That's him on Cory's back. I remember Benny's first foray into the tide....The orange there is Arielle. Note she is out further....

But, it's DANNY AND CORY that catch the fish! And, just like that, another fisherman is born.

Daddy, Danny and Papa in one shot - Family Fun 

Once again, thanks to Carrie and Arielle for today's photos...and for stepping in with meals on the trip (along with Krista).  Today's photo dump. 

Arielle and Cory 

Beach fun 

Liv and Danny - worked hard; played hard

Liv, Carrie, Cy

Nap time at fish camp? 

Sweet Little Alaskan

The "fishing" portion of the trip is over. 192 fresh-caught, wild, Alaskan salmon are in various's a good feeling with rising meat prices and supply chain disruptions. Getting away with everyone is the highlight of our year...all are returning home with fond memories and stories to tell for another year. 

Here at home...Allie, Grandpa and I went to church and out to lunch. Allie felt impressed to attend service this Sunday. We had a youth mission team up all week, and they had the service today.  Jamin and Jared went down to fish camp for one day, Saturday. At the end of the day, Allie rode back to Eagle River with them. Nolan met them there and brought her the rest of the way home. Grandpa woke up and said he felt like he'd had a run in with an elephant...that will happen when you have a close encounter with a wood floor. Regardless of the elephant, he made it to church and was happy to have been able to do so. He's feeling better on the new med regime. 

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