Monday, July 25, 2022

Day 4 - Fish Camp 22

The atmosphere has become much more relaxed and fun-filled around fish camp as the goal has been met for the year. Alex, CoRielle, Stacia and Michael are the only ones at camp. They began the day by processing the final fish from yesterday's catch. 
Having more fun than should be allowed

Maybe the final fish? 

Everyone helps! Benny transfers fish to the gals...

Patting dry and bagging

A sinister photo-bombing Uncle! 

Arielle, Danny, Benny, Alex, Stacia

Back at the camp Danny oversaw the sealing of fish. Anytime he heard the machines begin he ran to push the buttons. 

Award winning smiles!

The freezer is full of 121 salmon....ours and CoRielle's catch. 

Determined to find fun and adventure they set out from the campground - regardless of the weather. 

Their first stop was to discover a bit about the influence of the orthodox church in the area....and they learned about domesticated moose. 

Then they found the FUN CENTER. A perfect way to spend a rainy day. 


About this time the wind picked up and they headed back to the RV camp...the shade cover, various fishing "stuff" and the tent were blowing down the road. They rescued their things, stowed the tent and all moved into the RV for the final night. They'd left it up earlier for Izaak and his friend to stay in but received word they had changed plans. 

We typically have to book 5 nights to stay at this RV campground. They were full this year and asked us to stay 4 nights. That worked well this year. All in all it was a great year on the Kenai! We're already looking forward to next year. 

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