Friday, July 15, 2022

Grandpa Update

 So...Dad has been having trouble with his blood pressure. He began to exhibit other symptoms. We had a couple of rough months. He didn't sleep at night but slept all day. He quit eating. He said his stomach hurt. He was weak and falling quite often.  He had seen the doctor in May and they kept telling me they were aware of his high blood pressure when I called. Finally, I called and told them I wanted him seen. 

It turns out dad's heart is enlarged and his labs showed he was in heart failure. They wanted us to go to the hospital immediately - but dad is Comfort 1. He is DNR and DNI and when I asked what they would do that we couldn't do at home - there was nothing they would do.  The doc didn't think things looked good. Nate was in OR and had a weekend between moving...he flew up, arrived late Friday night, spent Saturday and Sunday and left on Monday. By the time he got here Dad was already rallying. I think the combination of seeing Nate and adding meds was a winning combo. 

I KNOW seeing Nate rallied our spirits!

They opted to add 4 new meds...which are administered based on his blood pressure readings....He had a cardiac ultrasound this week. We are waiting for the results. He appears much better. I think he is out of imminent danger...but we're fully aware of the journey we are on. 

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