Tuesday, July 05, 2022

I Remember - I See You


See the fingers? 
"Bachan! Bachan!!!"

"Bachan is going potty. I'll be out in a minute." 

And, thus, it begins. 

"Can you read the dinosaur book for me?" 



I giggled as the parade of books grew....and the tiny, little fingers wiggled under the door. 

I remember the days of escaping to the bathroom for just a minute of peace, a reset with Jesus. 

I remember the little fingers, the knocking on the door....the feeling there was never quite enough time or energy in the day. 

I remember exhaustion, desperation, fear. 

I remember. 

And. . . 

I see you. 

I see you tired. 

I see you questioning - "Am I doing this right?" "Why does xyz make this look easy?" "Am I really enough?" 

I see the glib answers us Titus 2 types give you. 

I want you to know when I say, "Cherish this season," it's not from a place of judgment...it's from a place of remembering.  I remember and I now know how very fast this exhausting, never-ending season goes. 

I remember and I want you to know YOU ARE ENOUGH. Love your babies, do your best, it's not easy or natural to 90% of us, the days ARE long..but HERE IT COMES..."Before you know it, they'll be off to college." 

And then...you'll remember as I do...and chuckle when your sweet grands sneak not only fingers but whole libraries under the door. 

You'll giggle and you'll remember. 

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