Sunday, July 31, 2022

Weekend Recap

We had plans for the weekend which didn't pan out. But that's o.k. We still enjoyed time together as a family - and that was the heart of our plans. 

We've been missing the summer nights sitting around the fire. This has been hard as Dad no longer wants to join us outside but isn't safe on his own. grin:: This Friday night we decided to just build the fire after he went to bed at 9. The girls, Michael and I enjoyed connecting around the fire. 

This was more like a bon fire but was totally controlled and died down very quickly.... it was fun to receive photos from CyRi and JaRissa when we sent them this one. They were sitting around the fire at CyRi's at the same time. 

While others were working or at the Air Show, Stacia and I walked around Friday Fling. We found a photo exhibit and took the survey from the sponsors. This earned us 2 $10 gift cards to Fred Myers. Every little bit helps.  We also tried a fried Oreo (ugh) and promptly gave the remainder away. 

Curriculum has been arriving at our home. One box had the air-filled plastic bags in the box. This resulted in quite a few minutes of fun play with Millie. Stacia discovered she could squirt the air at Millie and Millie wasn't quite sure how to attack the situation. 

Saturday had work for half of us, errands and quick jobs around here for the rest of us. Stacia and I fit in a coffee date after we dropped Allie at work and had an hour before we could pick up groceries. This is a blessing of Covid/2020...the discovery of pick up groceries. LOL I much preferred sitting with Stacia and discussing all things life than running up and down aisles at Freddies on a Saturday. 

The Dino Egg cucumbers are ready. Larissa renamed these cute-cumbers!  I began dehydrating our over-abundant crop of Kale. I have found that if I dry it, I can put it in soups, eggs, guacamole and everyone eats it....and if asked I simply tell Dad, "It's green like basil," which it is. LOL 

We had planned to be at the Air Show on Sunday - but decided several factors indicated the wisdom in changing that plan. We felt it would be a bit too long to leave Grandpa with Alex.  We wanted to hear the guest speaker at church. Rain was predicted. We thought about rushing to Anchorage after church, but Michael had seen enough to satisfy him on Friday. The rest of us really wanted some family time as much as the air

We opted to invite friends out to lunch after church and it was fun to connect in that way.  The girls enjoyed visiting with their youth, we enjoyed visiting with Danny and Krista.  Later at home we played games and simply enjoyed being with each other. 

Now it's time to start a new week - and a new month. August. The 8th month of 2022 already. Whew. Stacia's birthday month! CyRi's anniversary month - has it been a year since we had a yard full of celebrants? 

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Jodi said...

Those dino egg cucumbers look fun. Maybe I'll try growing hem next year.