Monday, August 01, 2022

August 1st - fall?

Stacia came in from romping through the place with Millie to show me a "terrible sight." She found THIS on the ground. I told her not to worry, we are a long way from fall.  Later on, I noticed a few of our birch trees are yellowing.  And last week there was snow on the top of the mountain - but it's I'm not quite ready to claim fall, but summer is nearly run its course. 

Arielle and the boys came over to give Michael and I a bit of respite.  We went out for soup (me) and sandwich (Michael) and enjoyed a relaxed, prolonged private discussion.  We stopped at Freddies on the way home to pick up supplies and meds for Dad. We gave each other $10 to go on a shopping spree. It cracked me up that we both selected food.... Michael got gummies and chocolate covered granola bars. I got two packages of Lily's milk chocolate covered caramels.... they were on SALE. LOL  

It's a rainy day around here. We spent the afternoon in the living room talking with the girls.  We continue to love the dreaded "teen" years, probably because we still maintain we've not had teens. We expect them to be young adults, and by the grace of God, they've lived up to our expectation.  At some point I got a notice my scone cutters were in my mailbox! Woot! I can make all kinds of sizes now. LOL 

Michael grilled some lovely steaks I've had marinading. He did it IN THE RAIN. I went outside, in the rain, to the former "garden" and foraged through the weeds to find go withs for the steak. If it would stop raining for a few days when I can stay home, I might get it weeded...but the food is still there. 

Cute-cumbers - Dino Eggs

A stir fry with squash, cabbage, onions, asparagus, broccoli, sweet peas...from the garden. KALE - I should have picked some kale! 

Cucumber Tomato salad

Dinner was yummy and we all lingered and shared memories. Good times. The girls, Grandpa, Michael and I settled in to read a chapter from "Ink heart," and watch an episode of Manifest, while the guys headed to bed to prepare for another day of work. 

As for the "fall" question? Could it be fall on August 1st?  I'm simply going to enjoy the time for what it is...hopefully not fall...but maybe a longer fall than typical? Summer came way early. I'd like to linger in summer or fall for a bit of time rather than have an early winter.  This seems far too early for fall. We shall see. 

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