Saturday, August 06, 2022

A Funny

 I received a text from Arielle which cracked me up! 

They've worked hard with Benny from a young age for him to know not to carry on for things at the store, but to save his money and buy them. He does extra chores to earn money.   He often shares his heart with me. "Bachan, I want a fishing pole. I'm working for it." 

📷by Cory 

Let me tell you - this Bachan wanted to run out and buy him a fishing pole. HOWEVER, I KNEW that would sabotage the life lessons they were teaching him. He earned his pole, and that smile was worth the work he had to do. 

Benny is a giver - sometimes he says things like "I'd love to get Honey (Arielle) a pretty hair tie," and he and I run to Whimsey and find one...because I encourage love languages. 

I don't know what prompted this conversation, but Arielle asked Benny what he needs to do when he needs extra money. She expected he would answer, "Ask for extra chores." 

He replied, "Ask Bachan. I don't know why but sometimes that works!" 

::gasp::  ::snort:: I do not EVER remember him asking me for money, and I've never simply given him money but there you have it....Ask Bachan - sometimes it might work. LOL 

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