Saturday, August 06, 2022

Mementos of Stories Untold (Snippets)

Here are some photos which I took with great plans of blogging... Life has been so busy if I can capture just the facts, I feel GREAT about it.  

And there are no photos for the hours of curriculum planning, zooms with various colleges as Allie firmed up her fall schedule, Allie registering for fall college classes (she'll be taking 15 hours from 2 different universities - Go Allie!), or all the little projects which keep us so busy this time of year. 

There are, however, a few random photos which show my good intentions. 
This little chickadee loves the birdhouse as much as I did. We were sure a bird had turned the yard decor into his home...and I finally got a photo. I love watching him from the kitchen and nook windows. 

This is how I build self-care into the morning routine...I start green tea steeping when I start Dad's eggs, bacon and potatoes...I've started putting fresh mint leaves into the mix and it's YUMMY.  I get two mugs this size. Note the mug has photos of all the grands, a gift from BreZaak. 

Bella capture Izaak's glasses 

Astronaut Annie -

An old photo I found of Millie in her longing to be running free phase after surgery. LOL  The t-shirts DID work better than the cone. 

I've been harvesting....tried my hand at making Kale chips and Michael ate some. They're pretty good...bit salty. 

Michael took apart my first instant pot and FIXED IT! Yes...actually, he figured it out. He then showed Alex how to solder it as Alex has steady hands. Teamwork at its best. 

We have found it HARD the last few weeks to fit in individual breakfast studies. We've been meeting together through July and now August. This week we grabbed a Saturday lunch as we were determined not to miss a second week in a row. 

Stacia was excited to try air brushing a cake this week...this could open up whole new worlds. LOL 

She made this cute cake for an event on Sunday. 

Stacia, Allie, Michael and Me

One last note...termination dust! The top of our mountain peak has been dusted with snow several mornings lately. At this point it still melts during the day....but winter is coming...and soon...fall will be here...maybe it is here. I still don't know. For SURE this is the RAINY SEASON. 

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