Monday, August 01, 2022

A GRAND First Day of School

Bre is a smart Mommy. These kids started school a few weeks early. They will take a baby break in November....and the kids are excited to begin now. 

I love the photos and the board. Bella is going into 1st grade. Her favorite thing is visiting Grandma and she wants to be a nurse for babies. 

📷by BreAnne

Annie is in Pre-K, her favorite thing is playing, and she wants to be a toddler! ::grin::
📷by BreAnne

Gideon is in kindergarten, his favorite thing is sharks, and he wants to be a firefighter. 
📷by BreAnne

I think I need to borrow this sign for Stacia's first day of school...and Allie's first day of college. 

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