Monday, August 15, 2022

Amazing Birthday Gifts

Arielle and the boys stopped by today. Tomorrow, Stacia turns 17. They came bearing gifts. They had ordered a ton of JAPANESE TREATS for her birthday. Stacia was 3 years old when we arrived in Japan and 8 years old when we left. These are the things of her young dreams. LOL 

Benny could NOT contain himself. "STACIA - I spent $5 for your gift. I got you a puzzle."  Ok - that was cute. 

However, I began to wonder...."Benny, did you buy Stacia a birthday gift with your OWN money?"

"Yes. I washed the bathtub, and it was boring!" 

Now, that IS love! 

Look at this haul...and SHE can read the packages! 

How I miss melon soft drinks, melon gum, melon chewy candy. LOL Vending machines on the trails....eggs from a vending machine....

These are great. It's a drink you push to break the seal, a marble drops into the bottle, it carbonates...and you have a marble in the neck of the bottle. 

 How do Japanese people stay slim with so many wonderful bakeries in the country? It's all about portion size. Compare the Japanese cookie to the one below. 

via google photos

Or consider Michael's pastrami baconater sandwich from the Trout house today. It's all about portion size!

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