Wednesday, August 31, 2022

August Snippets


The Dahlia's are blooming. I started them from seed in the greenhouse and then up-lanted them and eventually transplanted them where I found dirt. Unfortunately, I was not aware they are perennials...and put some right in the middle of garden beds. Um...I'm going to try to transplant them "somewhere." Editors note - I've since been told that they are NOT hardy in Zone 4b - where I live. That they have to be dug up to winter I'm not sure that's worth it - may just start them from seed again next year....though I need to research and see if there is a benefit to digging them up and wintering them over. 

The candy cane beets - I think we can begin to pick and eat the beets. This tasted much like any other beet. 

Stacia's famous bombs

We voted Aug 16th. Due to our remote voting locations AND our new rank-based voting we are told we'll know results on Aug 31st. 

Livie started 4th grade at a brand-new school. 

The chicken equivalent of "talk to the hand." 

Real food comes dirty! 

As the chicks begin laying eggs we have some surprises - this morning it was a double yoke. 

August comes to an end, and I realize fall is here. The leaves ARE turning yellow and orange...the rain doesn't look like it will leave until the snow flies. LOL  We will be running crazy on projects around here until it snows...but this year, I find myself looking forward to winter. It has made all the difference in the world to embrace each season for what it is. 

It has felt like the summer grabbed a hold in May and drug us through the past couple of months... I am content to slow down soon. LOL 

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