Saturday, September 24, 2022

Adventure Awaits

 All the planning and packing were about to yield results. Early Thursday afternoon the girls and I grabbed Stacy and headed for Anchorage. We checked into our Air BnB and unpacked the van. It has been typical for our group to drive back and forth both days. Last year, three of us rented an air bnb and stayed in town. This year we rented a BIG BnB and made plans for the majority of us to stay in town. This was the first year with this element and I learned much for next year. LOL 

We took a quick tour of the house and the way the rooms may fall into place came clear....I made a nifty chart. This was not set in stone - it just gave us an idea of how to work with various factors. 

Our next job was for the girls to set up air mattresses while Stacy and I placed cards and chocolates and made up the one bunk bed. 

Everyone began to arrive at the house. We grabbed a QUICK dinner and then headed over to the church which was hosting this year's conference. This was an exciting year for us.  The years I have attended we've had 8 or 9 attend. Last year there were 4 of us. This year we had 17 women attend - though not all at the same time. LOL The fact that a couple could only do one night or the other means that we took two group photos. 

Lisa Potter, author of the Collective Journey, was our speaker. She did an excellent job fleshing out our theme, but also casting vision for what God can, and wants, to do with women. Her presentation of how the church changed their attitudes on women was the best I've heard to date (other than a couple of books I've read). Part of her ministry is equipping the next generation of female church leaders. There was a LOT of other great points she made if that was not a topic which interested you. Personally, this Friday a.m. session was a highlight. A frequent theme in her messages was to "tell your story" - a theme that resonated with the girls and I. 

📷by Lindsey 

Rather than share personal testimonies here - I think I'll give the highlights of conference and share thoughts later....when they are more processed. Have YOU ever found it takes pages to write about what God did in one minute at the altar? 

We made use of the photo booth on Thursday night. I was thrilled BreAnne was with us this year. 

Our Thursday group - love these women. 

The benefits of staying in a home began to show on Friday night. Instead of driving down the highway we went back to the house and played games and visited. 

We had a quick breakfast available at the house for those who wanted something and were back at the church at 8 a.m. 

Lindsey is our photo hero! She had nearly 30K photos on her phone! She was one of 3 contestants to go up front and compete. She won a gorgeous picture from France. 

I loved the Redwoods on the walls and screens, the theme decor was hiking and nature, mountains and fun. 

📷by Lindsey 

Friday Night photo

Friday night we all played Pando. We got increasingly silly. 

📷by Lindsey 

Most of us slept in Saturday morning and then we went for brunch at Gwennies. This was a great way to end the weekend. 

It was a joy to be with three of my daughters this weekend - surrounded by 14 other wonderful gals - my tribe. 

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