Thursday, November 03, 2022

Unimpressed Chickens

Our new chicks have grown into great layers. They have stayed outside in all sorts of weather, sun...wind...rain and even the light snow on Oct 10th. We wondered how they would do when "winter" really hit, today we found out. 

This group RACES out of the henhouse each morning. They push, fight and skirmish to see who can reach me first. They surround me as they advocate for the treats in the scrap bucket! 

But, WAIT! What is THIS? They raced out to explore and then just as quickly began trying to get back up the ramp and into the coop. 

They reached an impasse with those who were trying to get out as determined as those trying to get back into the coop. They've finally discovered weather they want to avoid.  We expect their egg production to slow down...but so far we are still getting 19 eggs a or two less. Not bad. 

I think this snow may be here to stay! If so, does that mean this is winter? It's come a couple of weeks later than usual...

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Anonymous said...

that's great, our chickens will never know snow. however a class 4 hurricane can quickly relocate a few to the state next door.