Thursday, November 03, 2022

Bible Study & Apples


The chickens aren't the only ones getting used to new morning routines. Allie and I had to dig out the van before we left for study this morning. We enjoyed our discussion about women of great faith today...

My goal is to finish all the apples BEFORE the next co-op day (Nov 8th). I had three cases left this morning and I hoped to finish them all.....

 I chopped all the apples and started them simmering. I was committed to finishing them all - the boxes were empty. 

Stacia got up at 0700 to work on school so she could help with apples in the afternoon. I appreciated her initiative. 

The snow does bring the walk out cooler to life....

We did it. I finally got another batch of kombucha done...and 45 quarts of applesauce done. Done for 2022. 

The moose are back.  I love them this time of year. 

Michael had an appointment this afternoon and then ran by the store for me and to the feed store for the chickens.  This was the sunset when he pulled back into the driveway. 

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