Saturday, November 05, 2022

Saturday Fun

 Saturday morning...everyone other than Grandpa and I slept in...Grandpa has a routine. It felt good to get some housecleaning done. 

Stacia had invited a couple of gals from youth group to come hang out at the house. They made cookies and played games. WAIT - how is that brunette in the middle? 

Josiah, Carrie and Livie are back in Alaska! We haven't seen them since our family dinner in September. It was great to see them again.  Next up, Jamin showed up....followed quickly by Arielle and the two younger boys. Oh, the fun changes we observe in Little Buddy. He confidently ran in, jumped at the table, and waited for a cookie. I went to get a drink and he said, "Tea, tea." Yep, I've won a little friend. 

Ah, to have the energy of a two year old...or two two year olds. LOL 

You can't see anything but Little Buddy's hands, but they are playing a beautiful duet. 
📷by Carrie

This batch is not very fizzy....but we shall see. It's a start. 

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