Friday, November 04, 2022

Enjoying the Day

 Stacia and I tried to get out early for breakfast study, but it takes more time to get the animals watered and to coax the van into warmth.  Things became complicated very fast when I put the keys into the ignition to warm up the van, scraped windows and then heard the doors LOCK...with the keys INSIDE and the van ON.  Eventually, we made it to the cafe where our warm drinks awaited. LOL 

I spent the day cleaning the kitchen from the week of canning and prepping a meal for a young family. We made rolls, cookies, two roasts (one for them and one for me) and added salad and veggies. Michael and I delivered the meal, enjoyed baby snuggles and conversation. 

Millie LOVES the snow...maybe more than the rest of us? 

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