Friday, March 24, 2023

A Day of Visits

Today was a day of visits. The girls came home for tea! I decided it would be fun to pull out the "good China." LOL  We have missed them, and it was fun to have them home today. 

They ran out with Nolan and Alex as the boys are shopping for things to outfit their new place. They have signed a lease and will be moving into a home in June.  The four of them went thrifting and then on to Freddies. The guys found dishes, a welcome mat, some end tables, towels and a cool lamp.  Michael and I need to start seriously discussing how we are going to best use the space when they move out. We haven't been able to completely unpack the study. We will move the study into their room. We then have to decide how to utilize the space the study is currently storage/seedling grow room, guest room, exercise room...

While the four were out shopping, Michael and I had Shannon and Lindsey, our pastor and his wife, over. It's always a good day when we can catch up. 

Nolan brought pizza home for dinner. I had planned leftovers as I've been cooking way too much with all the young adults out of the house for various reasons. BUT, pizza is our Friday night tradition. LOL He and the girls stayed and watched Mr. Magoo with us. It was a nice way to end a week that has felt,at times, as if it were out of control. 

It snowed yesterday and most of the day today. 

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