Thursday, March 23, 2023

Signs of Spring?

 It felt good to be out in the snow chipping away at the frozen snow on the deck.  It took three days, but by Wednesday I had finally cleared the 3-5 inches of ice packed snow off the deck, while Michael worked over the driveway with a pickax. Millie approves of the clear deck.  Spring/Break Up here is the ugliest time of year up here, but it's a season filled with hope. NOW, it felt like spring! 

Note the trees are all bare...this is looking into the snow-covered garden. It will be months before we can really work in the garden. 

BUT it began snowing again. It is still coming down...big, fat flakes. Michael just got home and says we have more snow here than anywhere he's been - in town and Wasilla. 

... and so, Millie and I went outside again to shovel the deck. It's still coming down, but I reasoned it will be easier to get this off the deck before it piles up again...and freezes... I was so happy to have all the ice off the steps yesterday...

It IS prettier with a coat of white. 

THIS is a sure sign of spring - spring snow storms....

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