Friday, April 28, 2023

Jenni Joined our Chaos

Jenni, the gal on the left, is a youth leader at church, is our children's pastor and attends our life group. She is also proctoring Stacia's exams with Global University. We like to keep her after the test for dinner. We had THOUGHT we'd invite some of the younger folks from life group for games, but it turned out to be this is the day CoRielle are moving...and we have the boys too.  She was willing to hang out of with us in our chaos. 

Jenni, Stacia, Allie, Michael 

"Which hand, Little Buddy?"  He loved playing this game with Jenni. We were happy we got Little Buddy to eat.  The move had unsettled him and he hadn't eaten all day. 

Ah, cuddling in Papa's chair. Life will get back to normal soon. 
Little Buddy, Benny, Danny

Hungry Hippos

It was a fun evening. 

Note: Little Buddy's social worker said photos are fine if his name isn't included. We have opted not to show his face...but are letting profiles ride. 

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