Friday, May 26, 2023

Busy Friday

It turned into quite a day at the end of a busy week. LOL  We certainly didn't accomplish everything we had hoped to achieve, but that's O.K. 

My day began with me missing a weekly 0530 zoom meeting. 

My next appoint was with Stacia discussing the last session from Whisper on RightNow media. We made it home in time for her to prep for her Japanese tutoring session and to do a bit of studying for an upcoming college mid-term exam. 

I threw a bunch of vegetables, chicken stock and rice into the instant pot. 

I haven't blogged about Krista's "plight" but I spent some time helping her rearrange her flight to AK from Guam and discussing her current living conditions and activities. She's been busy helping with clean up from the Cat 5 Typhoon she experienced this week.  

Millie had a grooming appointment. She has been "poodleized." LOL She is primping and preening. 

The girls and I had plans to meet up with a gal from church. Allie's work schedule changed between last Sunday and today. Pat was discussing arrangements with Stacia and I at lifegroup Thursday night and Jenni decided to join us. It was a fun outing. 

Jenni and Stacia ran to the recycling center and then home while I helped Pat figure out some internet issues. 

Stacia scored a 94% on her mid-term. She's been discouraged with previous test scores. She knows the material and yet her test grades have been disheartening. She's managed to pull B's and A's in her classes on the merit of her assignments. She changed her note-taking style to index cards from computer notes and asked the lifegroup to pray.  I could tell when she and Jenni came into the room after the test it had gone much better this time. 

We enjoyed visiting with Jenni. At some point we had bowls of soup. Michael ate late with Alex at their lunch study. He went out to watch Benny's t-ball game.  Benny is the one second from the right in the team picture below. 

📷by Arielle

Danny and Little Buddy were happy to have time with Papa on the sidelines. It did my heart well to hear they saw him and began chirping, "Where's Bachan?"  LOL When I meet up with them without Michael I always hear, "Where's Papa?" 
That sweet face! 📷by Arielle

Krista called with an update. Her commander in Alaska let it be known he wanted her back in Alaska. While the airport is closed and she couldn't get flights out until at least June 1st, the military flew a plane of folks who were not stationed in Guam but had been there during the typhoon to Hawaii this evening. She was out of Guam in 4 hours. This made us happy. As a person who was TRAVELING for a week to Guam who got stuck, she did not have the food stores saved up etc. which someone living there would possess. She was not prepared for natural emergencies, as you are at home, (or at least as you are if you are part of a military family who lived through hurricanes, earthquakes and tidal waves.) We have no idea when she'll be back in Alaska, but it will be a piece of cake to change her tickets from the Guam, Japan, Canada, AK route to the HI to AK route. LOL 

Stacia and I watched a few episodes of the first season of Leverage. I watched 1 1/2 episodes - she watched 3. Allie came home from work. The girls moved off to "vibe night" and I headed for bed. LOL It's been a full week. 

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