Friday, June 09, 2023

Fantastic Friday

Bre had an unfortunate accident Sunday afternoon, and they are down to one vehicle for a bit of time. Today is Bre's birthday. She wanted to take the kids down to Friday Fling for an ice cream....Allie had to go to work at the time we headed over to Bre's house. Stacia and I walked downtown with Bre and the kids.  Annie had a huge blister from previous walks and needed to be in the stroller. 

Double stroller - Jojo and Trudy, Annie (stroller) Bella & Gideon
Bre's kids 📷by Bre

Our library parking lot was FULL of bouncy houses! Food vendors were EVERYWHERE. Vendors galore. It was glorious.  The skies were beautiful. The sun was shining. It was a great day to be out in Alaska. 

The kids each had $5 to spend. Annie and Gideon wanted to spend their $ immediately at the bouncie houses - which they did. 

📷by Bre

📷by Bre

Bella opted to be spoiled by Grandma and check out vendors. She was on a mission to explore the options for her $5. We started with a milk shake from Soda Jerk. Stacia treated us to dumplings and steamed rolls from Grandma Wei's. They were yummy. 

The bouncers joined Jojo, Trudy, Bella and us...we watched them set up for music while the kids enjoyed their pretzel. 

We walked all over the venue and made our way back to the bouncy house. Bella had decided bouncing was the best bet for spending her $ after all. Annie and Gideon were happy to play in the other bouncy houses while Bella and Jojo went into the BIG one. Bre ended up going inside the house to help Jojo navigate the clmbs and slides. This is quite the slide. 
📷by Bre

I love BOTH of their expressions. 

We gathered kids and possessions and walked back to Bre's house.  Stacia and I hurried home and picked up Dad and Michael. We headed into Eagle River and met up at Cy and Carrie's (CyRi) house for dinner and visiting. Jared, Larissa and Noah were there as well. Livie made us some fantastic brownies for dessert. She was excited to share them with us. I cannot believe I neglected getting a photo of Livie. I was off my game. 
"Safe with Bachan!" 📷by Larissa 

CyRi's house has many levels of stairs. It's a darling house. The boys held GG as he walked up and down the stairs. He didn't realize how much help they were giving him. We made it work. It was a fun night out. 

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