Saturday, June 10, 2023

Sixth Colony Days Parade

We converged at BreZaak's. Izaak had homework...but Bre and the kids were ready for the Colony Days Parade. CoRielle and their three boys, Bre and her five children, Jamin, Allie, Stacia and I walked on down to the parade. It felt fantastic to be out and about in our lovely town. How fun to see people we know in the parade and along the route. Facebook tells me it's been 6 years since we entered Alaska today. This is the longest I've EVER lived one place in my entire life. It is also the longest we've lived in one place in our married life.  I spent a bit of time reflecting on our first parade and who was and wasn't  born at that time. Our family has sure grown in these 6 years. I can't wait to see what the next six years bring. 

Jamin, Allie, Arielle, Cory, Little Buddy*, Jojo, Stacia

Arielle holding Danny, Benny (in panther outfit), Bella, Gideon
Annie and Trudy in the first twin stroller

The Berenise Mountain Dogs were one of our favorites! 

The candy is also a favorite. Tip to parade goers - don't sit right over the manhole. I didn't hear Stacia offer her umbrella to cover it. That was a great idea. 

A photo of Allie because we were happy Allie was off work and college and able to join us!!! 

The tractors - especially the GREEN TRACTOR - was a favorite with this Bachan and Danny and Little Buddy. They LOVE that book. Here is a long line of tractors...

Jojo would be happy to take some candy. 
📷by Bre

📷by Bre

Sweet Trudy. 
📷by Bre

Annie was contained. She would have loved to be chasing candy down the street...but she did GREAT staying in the stroller without complaining. 
📷by Bre

The kids were TERRIBLY excited to see the fire trucks and the fire dog at the top of the truck. 
📷by Bre

📷by Bre

After the parade the rest went to explore the food trucks and bouncy houses. Since we'd done that yesterday, and Allie had to work this evening...we opted to run by Freddies for some milk and head home to RELAX....VIBE....

I threw some steaks in the oven...and cooked them slow...YUMM.  We had a salad, beans and a bit of dirt cake left...easy dinner. Michael took care of clean up so Stacia and I could run to the church to set up the Red Door coffee corner. 

Michael, Stacia and I took all the inputs we have and got all the dates on the calendar for next week. It's going to be busy. I think we can. I even think we should. 

Everyone is having a bit of down time and I did a bit of ministry paperwork and decided to blog. Now I will rest....but the sun won't go down until 11:30 p.m. and I'm sure to pop awake before 3 a.m. when it starts lightening. I AM starting to appreciate parts of our winters. 

*RE Little Buddy and the heart stickers. I know if you are new to the blog, it may seem odd. Why do you reveal names and faces of all but one? Is one of your children nervous about posting their child on the blog?  Why are you posting this child if his parents are nervous? I do get questions. All the kids you see are grandchildren...or children of Mike and I. Little Buddy is Cory and Arielle's foster son. We won't reveal his name or face as long as he is a foster child. He is one month older than Danny and has lived with them since July 2022. He's precious to us. 

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