Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Day 6 Fish Camp 23 - Breaking Camp

Everyone has left the campground except Danny and Krista G, CoRielle and us. CoRielle plan an early getaway. G's and us plan more like 1100. 

Our final camping breakfast...CoRielle and Bachan. 
Camping Brekky

Charles and Danny are ALWAYS so excited and surprised when I pop out of the RV. "BACHAN! It's Bachan!" Charles greets each morning with, "Say good morning!" when he opens his eyes. Sweet memories. 

The girls and Michael hoped to sleep in until 8 a.m. - which they pretty much did. The boys ate. I helped Cory and Arielle begin to get things together to load into the truck. Cory and Benny made sure the fire was truly and totally out. 
Safe camping - way to go 

Michael got up to help and was promptly "surprised" and pranked by Benny. I purchased a whoppie cushion as I knew the boys would get a kick out of it at some point. Beware y'all you never know where the cushion may show up next.... family gatherings, life group, Sunday a.m. (surely NOT), picnics, park dates...beware. 

Oh, Papa. 

Having determined our work of cheer was done at the campsite, I loaded the boys into the "WAAAGon!" and off we went on a rabbit hunt. 

The boys were more than happy to help Arielle get all the air out of the air mattress. 
Any chore can be a game. 

Stacia had found quarters and decided to get up early to surprise the boys. While Michael and Cory loaded the truck, we headed off to the animals. She was going to let them buy real FEED (as opposed to grass) for the animals. This seemed like a perfect plan. They wouldn't know about the wonderful possibility until the end of the trip. Unfortunately, when we walked down, they had removed the food stand. The boys were still happy to visit the animals.  This white one kept climbing up and resting his head in my elbow. I thought his sweet goat cuddles were charming. Then Arielle pointed out he was trying to get to my chai. ::snort:: 

We wandered down to the park and made it back to camp just in time to pray and send the van and truck down the road. 

The height of Alaskan Camping Fasion...camping hair, cuppa, and a thermacell attached to the lapel...
Bachan, Benny and Stacia 

The girls and Michael got breakfast and then we began our final preparations to leave. Danny and Krista G stopped by to pick up the 3 bags of fish in our freezer.  We were pulling out before 1100. We decided to go try out Burger Bus, a Scott recommendation. 

Parking was surprisingly easy to find. The line was non-existent...wait a minute! They were closed for some family time. Bummer. Next year.  We grabbed a few photos and headed on down the road. The trip home was better than the trip up...less odd drivers. 
Me, Allie, Stacia and Mike in the back 

MEA had told me they were going to cut our trees. We're perplexed why OURS need to be taken to the ground when the man down the road has spruce directly UNDER the line and they just keep topping them at 6 feet. Nonetheless, our view has changed. The thing is...when they told us 5 years ago, they would do this...they told us the trees were "on the line" and we could build a fence closer to our house and it would be fine. NOW, they've tagged our fence. This makes NO SENSE, and we will be calling them to figure it out. I watched the contractor "measure" the distance and he was haphazard. Shoot. they have weeds and trees closer to the line than our trees on our property which they left. If the fence truly is in their easement they need to come back and finish clearing out their easement. LOL  The MEA rep that stopped in the morning we were leaving town said "just the trees" were coming down. He also suggested I plant lilacs or low growing trees in the SAME PLACE the spruce were. I'm leery of taking his advice if the practice is to come back 5 years later and tag for removal what they said could be done. 

Ah well - Cory and Arielle arrived before we did and had MOWED OUR YARD. They bless us so lavishly. Cory helped Michael get the freezer out of the RV. We got all their fish transferred to their coolers.  The girls and I hauled things inside and began putting things up. We began the mountains of laundry. Michael put things away in the garage and started bleaching coolers...and a couple of trash cans I hauled out...because I'm an opportunist. 

We "watched" an episode or two of something...and then I followed GG to bed. I'm not sure how long the girls and Michael stayed up.  I am once again so glad we took Monday to play before coming home. It makes all the work of unloaded back at home much more bearable. LOL  

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